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May 08, 2011


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Abe Goldfarb

Are people seriously confused? I'm sorry, but I've never read the books and haven't for one moment of runtime been unclear on the who/what/where/why. If you can follow a Shakespeare play, Game of Thrones is a cinch. It just demands attention.


Exposition is wicked hard!


Oh boy I couldn't agree more.
The first three episodes were already exposition-heavy, but they managed to keep the scenes & dialogs tweaks efficient in speeding the plot forward.
Episode four was just one long, laborious infodump, made in the most boring way possible (if you really have to do it, what was so wrong with having the Hound tell his own story?)


(By the way, maybe you didn't pick up on it, but I used the word 'wicked' to show you that I reside in New England without actually telling you.)


I'm enjoying the show a lot, though I admit to getting a bit confused from time to time. Luckily, a love of soap operas has trained me for this sort of thing.

I started reading the book too, but it's so flowery and nerdy that it just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Wish there was a Game of Thrones RPG. I'd want to be a Lannister.

בניית אתרים

Game of Thrones is being discussed alot over the web, it sounds like the best Series of all times, and you know what?
It deserve that title.

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