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July 05, 2011


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Jack Worthing

Chuck Mee has the right to do what he does. Beckett had the right to shut down JoAnne Akalaitis's production of ENDGAME. Adaptation means creating a substantially new work, not using a play as a sandbox. Mee takes snippets from AMERICAN PSYCHO, removes them from their context and makes them unrecognizable. For that matter, anyone who wants to set SALESMAN on the moon should write his own play rather than teeter on a squalid halfway point; should the ghost of Arthur Miller feel differently, it's his toy to give up. The Boxcar guy is a disingenuous prick who's hiding behind 21st century babble ('remix culture'? please) to disguise his lack of creativity. Adaptation is an art, but let's be honest about what it is.

Jack Worthing

Please read the letter if you haven't; it's snotty, unrepentant and full of absurd reasoning. And look at this quote from Playbill:

The darker take on Little Shop, which does away with notions of camp, to play for a sort of grindhouse-style realism, "is really rooted in the script," Olivero said. "I had to ask myself 'How do people deal with living in these surroundings?'

A liar and a thief.


I actually really love Little Shop. When I was a little boy it was one of the first important theatrical experiences I ever had and as a writer who traffics in camp, the description of this production that Jack posted above makes me want to shut off my brain and go to sleep forever.

Also, as a fan of throwaway pop culture, there's no such thing as grind house realism. That's an oxymoron.

Aaron Andersen

"Oddly, we have a framework now where you can mock something and get away with violating its copyright, but you cannot respond sincerely to it. That sucks."

This is a really good point.

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