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July 18, 2011


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Scary, sickening, but right in line with what this country is fast becoming under the religious right's domination of our political discourse: a few very vocal people shouting about Jesus, and the rest of the nation--Jews, muslims, hindus, buddhists, and of course the non-believers among us--told, in not so subtle terms, that we are not included, that we are not important. And Europe continues to chuckle...


Any chance the Christianists will pray for something that deserves a prayer, like poverty or the environment? Maybe they could pray about this...




I think you're right about him winning the Republican nomination. What worries me also is that he's charismatic in the way no other current Republican candidates--though this is the first and only footage I've seen of him.


What if it's true? What if Jesus is the Son of God? If He truly is the Way, the Truth and the Life, then it's a highly appropriate action.


I am a Christian ans a minister and I have to say that I agree with you guys and share many of your same concerns. Christians were never supposed to get involved in politics. Never once did Jesus call upon political leaders to make a difference in the world. However, as Josh stated, we are called to address poverty, be good stewards of our environment, to take care of the orphans and the widows, and to show people that Love is a better way. To preach "Good News". Not be pissed off political activists. Jesus said over and over that He did not come TO JUDGE THE WORLD but that through him the world might be saved. That is good news. He didn't come to hate anyone. What many Christians (who put their faith in politics) fail to remember is that was the government, acting on the instructions of the religious, that crucified Jesus.

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