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August 30, 2011


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After a number of unsuccessful attempts to get anyone to even read her play, Judy decided that, “nobody cares what is happening to us.” I couldn’t argue with her. It’s a sentiment that many communities feel and not without good reason. But the truth is more complex. We do care. The Artistic Mayors of every Whoville in the country are desperate to find the Who who’s Yopp will put them over the top.

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If you were commenting on a piece, would you discuss what's actually in it, or simply project your own resentments instead..?

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So glad to have you back, was begining to wonder where you were, as it’s not like you to post your going to do something then not do it. Let’s hope the internet behaves itself from now on.

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you've actually lived in Sweden? Cool! (pun intended)


I will read it.

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Sunday they gave the most column space to the resident idiot @ the Walter ASU school of Tomfoolerism - excuse me - the run-up-50k+ in-school-loan-debt school of job-lottery. (Why not major in classic studies as far as job ops?)

For what? So we could get another fictional account of another illegal family's trivals - this time focused on (drum roll please) how Obamacare will SAVE US MONEY when it comes to illegal immigrants medical coverage?

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