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September 29, 2011


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Darren Greer

I was nineteen when I saw the American Playhouse version, living in a small village in rural Nova Scotia. I was struggling with my sexuality and in conflict with my father over it, who just couldn't, at the time, accept me on those terms. I often credit Lemon Sky for being part of the reason I became a writer. When I saw it I realized I could, like Wilson, turn all this seemingly senseless pain into literature, and make it count for something. Thanks for the reminder.

Joleen Michele Llloyd VanHoose

I am from Ozark Missouri and Lanford used to stay with my Mom and Uncle when he was thrown out of his house. Lanford even painted a picture of my Grandparents home in 1959 while living in Chicago with my uncle. I decided to post the painting on Facebook and started looking into some of the other plays he had done. (I heard about Hot L Baltimore a lot as a kid). I saw a clip from Yellow Sky, when Kevin Bacon was being kicked out of his Dads house. It made me so sad, because I know he had to go from house to house to find shelter when he lived in Ozark with his Mom and Stepfather. I'm so glad he survived all of that and became a great writer and Pulitzer Prize winner.

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