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November 22, 2011


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learn to write TV and/or movies really well, and subsidize your playwriting work with that. or get an MFA so you can subsidize your playwriting career by teaching, like poets do.

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Scott Walters

Tell them that the era of the artist-specialist, which has been an aberration of the past century, is, like so many business models, coming to an end. They need to think in terms of multiple disciplines. Shakespeare was a playwright, true, AND an actor AND he managed the King's Players AND he managed the Globe. He also made some money writing poems. This will not only be true in terms of artistic skills, but also related skills outside the artistic sphere. So tell them to find their why (http://theatreideas.blogspot.com/2011/03/advice-to-theatre-major-finding-your.html), and then broaden it as fully as possible. Also, tell them to read Tony Kushner's "A Modest Proposal" (published in American Theatre in 1998) and then make sure they get educated -- REAL educated.

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