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December 22, 2011


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Simon Crowe

(SPOILERS FOLLOW!) I'm curious to know what you think the writers were supposed to do after killing off Damian Lewis. I'm of the opinion that having to come up with an entirely new "Big Bad" (I hate that expression) in Season 2 would have sent the show down the road to becoming some kind of combination of 24 and Dexter, relying on increasingly baroque plot reversals and villains each season in an effort to stay fresh. As we learn more about Abu Nazir's network in America it's possible Sgt Brody may not be around for the life of the show, but we're far from done with him.

The problem with the "deus ex machina" is that it was unnecessary; Brody's decision not to set off the bomb finally came from the conversation with his daughter. That relationship turned into something very late in the season and holds great potential. I'm surprised you didn't call out what I thought was the show's biggest howler: having Carrie fall in love with Brody. This situation would have played as ludicrous if the gender roles had been reversed and really bogged down the middle of the season.



(all spoilers!)

I was willing to go ahead with the love angle for two reasons: First, I thought Carrie and Brodie getting involved lead to some of the most interesting writing on the show (The whole cabin episode is really strange and interesting) and second, it's clear to me that it's not love, but rather psychotic obsession. It's the same obsession that fuels the first half of the series.

This is my problem with the final episode... I agree with you about the big bads, that would've gotten very annoying. But the problem is, the plot they'd constructed up until that point pretty much demands it. They made certain decisions and then weren't willing to follow those decisions through to what they require. Had they made the decision to have Brodie decide before hand not to go through with it (for the same reasons he eventually decides not to go through with it in the show itself) I wouldn't've had a problem with it. Instead they get this having their cake and eating it too of not really having to do anything of consequence in the finale while goosing the nothing for maximum suspense value. Its cheap. I loved the last ten minutes, tho, even if I could predict everything that was going to happen in them.

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