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February 14, 2012


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Scott Walters

Isaac, this is lame. Terminally stupid. "Red states" and "blue states" alone is idiotic, as if the gap between a "red state" and a "blue state" isn't razor thin. This is divisive rhetoric, the kind that is undermining democracy. You want to talk about "chains of dependency," let's talk about the oh-so-superior urban areas who rely completely on rural areas to feed their face day to day. This article smacks of smugness.

Ayn Rand collected SS

Don't count on that happening forever, Scott...

Between federal water reclamation projects and farm subsidies, we are paying farmers in red states untold amounts to grow stuff we'd actually rather not eat. Don’t look now, but those of us in blue cities and states are moving away from petrochemical-saturated GMO-bred CAFO-grown industrial “food” products as fast as we possibly can.

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