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March 15, 2012


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Ian Thal

I've read it, and I have asked several times now over on HowlRound:

Please cite some examples where intellectual property law actually suppressed artistically valid works of theatre (and "Gatz" does not count because the fact that it quotes the novel in its entirety is exactly the sort of thing that copyright law is designed to deal with) because so long as you are talking in vaguely without any examples, we don't really have an identifiable problem. How much IP litigation is occurring in the new play sector?

How do Tony Kushner's intellectual property rights to "Angels In America" (or say, the Thorton Wilder estates rights to "Skin Of Our Teeth" if you want something older) infringe on my artistic freedom as a less-established playwright?

I really don't think that these are unfair questions.

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