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March 12, 2012


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We've got to better dissect this "ticket prices aren't a problem because people will spend sixty bucks on a concert" argument for another reason, which is that popular rock bands undersupply the demand for their live performances (at least away from their home towns). A single theater needs patrons willing to buy several tickets a year. The industry of theater in some cities needs patrons ready and able to buy tickets monthly or more often.

By contrast, since I'm a Devotchka fan, and not even a rabid one, I will gladly pay more than I will pay for a theater ticket to see them once every three years when they perform in town. Because it will be a few years before I have the opportunity to see them again.

Theater's version of the free download simply can't have the same effect, because we can't bottle up fan demand for a year or two and enjoy the benefit of most of it in a single weekend.

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