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April 06, 2012


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Scott Walters

I think you took one extra step that might just be problematic: I think there really IS such a thing as selling out, which I would define as "doing something that goes against one's personal values and/or damages the larger community." Poverty and pain are not to be aspired to, and they are certainly not emblematic of anything virtuous -- at best, they are negative side effects. But on the other hand, happiness and health are also not good in and of themselves. If they come at the cost of supporting, passively or actively, a value system that damages others, then they are as bad a poverty and pain.


I think that's a nice idea to aspire to Scott but basically no one lives up to it. We all have to navigate and balance ideals, desires, and the workings of this world. By your standard-- "passively or actively"--we are all destined to be sell-outs.

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