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April 20, 2012


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That's a fantastic find. Revealing.

Tanya Saracho

So, from reading all their rebuttals and replies I gather that: IF the board permits it (the true stewards of their artistic aesthetic), and IF they have extra space somewhere, and IF women and POC would have enough talent (so they won't just be tokens... beneficiaries of some sort of affirmative action) THEN they'd put us in the season? Am I getting this right?



sadly, that's what the various excuses add up to, yes. It's totally gross. The whole tokenism argument makes it seem like there aren't a lot of women and POC writing and directing on bigger stages. Setting aside the whole self-fulfilling-and-sustaining-system thing, that's just not true, thanks to theaters more inclusive and braver than the Guthrie. I mean... what about Anne Kauffman? or Liesl Thommy? Or Kate Whorisky? Or, if we're including men of color as well, Chay Yew or Marion McClinton? What about Leigh Silverman? The list isn't actually that short.

Big Blue Insider

Actually, Tanya, the board has pretty much nothing to do with the artistic aesthetic at the Guthrie, and zero to do with choosing the season

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