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April 16, 2012


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I can't remember a time when I was excited for a Guthrie season - I will probably try to see Mark Rylance and Steve Epp's shows. The rest of it doesn't really strike me as being worth seeing. Especially in light of the fact that the Twin Cities has plenty of other options.


Even Theatre in the Round here in MPLS managed to be more diverse in its directors for their upcoming season than the G did.



This season announcement has started an absolute firestorm around the Twin Cities, which only got worse after Dowling made comments to the Strib's Graydon Royce in a piece published yesterday:


Not much has changed at the Guthrie, either. Here's a 2003 CityPages article examining Dowling's programming choices: http://www.citypages.com/2003-03-19/news/a-woman-s-work-is-never-done/

Also: Marianne Combs with MPR is doing some work regarding this whole controversy on her Facebook wall. You might enjoy the discussion there - you can subscribe to her or just send her a friend request. According to Combs, the Guthrie plans to issue a statement next week.



Thanks for the tip! Great minds thing alike, I had just posted that Citypages article when I saw your comment!

Jeremy M. Barker

Seattle Rep is pretty bad, too: http://www.seattlerep.org/Plays/1213/

Jack Worthing

Christopher Hampton is a great writer who doesn't get the respect he deserves because of his ability to disappear. Every play/film is very, very different; in the theatre he's arguably the best craftsman alive. Give him a season. I have no problem with that. No one else is doing his work in this country. The rest of it bores me.



I look forward to your spirited defense of A DANGEROUS METHOD!

Jack Worthing

I haven't seen the film. The source material, his play THE TALKING CURE, is problematic but quite interesting.


I'm not quite sure why folks are so outraged about the Guthrie's season -- there are plenty of repertory companies with far less ambitious programming. I sometimes visit my folks in Florida, and am less-than-excited about the new season at Florida Rep, for instance:


I'd *much* rather see Guthrie's season than the one at Florida Rep. Lend Me A Tenor *and* Educating Rita? Egads.

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