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May 26, 2012


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You guys ever going to talk much about theater again? Just curious.

Ben Owen

I know nothing whatsoever about theater. You should probably take it up with the management.



Yes! Of course! It just happens to not be what w're talking about at the moment.


I've been mesmerized/conflicted by this Marlene Dietrich scene, "Hot Voodoo."


Ben Owen


Shit's intense. Rhona Berenstein, one of the few scholars who's made any kind of sustained argument about jungle movies makes a lot out of that "Hot Voodoo" scene, and I can see why. The fact that Dietrich puts on a blonde wig (with arrows through it) is amazing, since it suggests that she needs to be artificially, emphatically blonde to make the contrast with the gorilla suit (and her backup dancers) as acute as possible. It reminds me a bit of Candyman--like the problem for white men isn't just that nightmare representations of black men are a threat to white women, but actually that black men and white women might be dangerously interchangeable.

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