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May 14, 2012


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Interesting post-- And Gaeta's name is pronounced Gay-da. So there's that link too-- you connect fandom with the queer because of their shared shame--or perhaps the obverse, shared "pride" is also a propos, pride being an antagonism against and in relation to the shame-inducing narrative of normality, caesura, repression-------- (and here in addition to or instead of shame arising from an unmet recognition, it seems that shame is instead the feeling of an internalized big-other critique, the classic superego: the shaming of pleasure, the shaming "No"--but also the "mother's" lack of response is tied up with shame too as you write, the shaming "Nothing", of society especially [why is my protest not on the front page of the nytimes??]--as is the shaming "Yes" of capital's urging depressed masses to "Enjoy!" or "Buy!"--If shame is only tied to a *lack* of recognition, but the narratives you mention feel obliged to personify the fan, who is linked with shame, then this is instead an engagement with and recognition of queer/fan community--)

this engagement with the community, which you write about is precisely the act that defines the limits of the narrative; and the fan community creates itself in its violation and antagonism against the narrative--as the limits of heteronormative society are both created by but also crucially recreate a queer community that acts "Against" it. which is why Foucault can get so much mileage out of critiquing a narrative of "liberation" against "repression" even while real repression and oppression are material realities.

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