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June 05, 2012


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I hope this inspires one to do a lil' research on Carey. She is an amazing human being. When she was AD of Classic Stage Company, she turned that place from a struggling mess into a major Off-Bway house in the East Village. It was NYC's loss when she was lured to the west coast.


As a young live white guy I get a little weary of the conversations dismissing classic literature with the pejorative of old dead white guy...I feel like I am somehow being forced to apologize for A. who I am or B. some sins that I didn't commit...it is one of my major complaints with the American theatre right now and culture in general...these plays have stood the test of time for a reason and while each generation finds a few to reinvent for their own time and place, they are still there...can we have a conversation about the classics that doesn't reduce them to a pejorative place please? Can I have permission to love Shakespeare as much as I do Jose Rivera? I think the point of Carey's article is that me MUST make room for both at the table and she knows better than most the challenges ADs face when programming in the midst of competing constituencies of audiences, artists, boards, staffs and funders...all of which can and do have their own complex agendas. Go program a season while keeping that in mind and holler back at me when you figure out how to do it.

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