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July 04, 2012


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Liz C

Everyone should be blessed with that kind of clarity and the courage (and freedom) to act. (I think people, in general, would lead happier and more satisfied lives.)

Enjoy the great adventure, J. I wish you good luck and, at very least, peace of mind.


J, I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye in person. FWIW, my life is in a bit of upheaval as well, but still. I am glad we live in the age of Internet and I can keep track of your successes in CA, and may they be many and plentiful. xx


J - this is gorgeously put. I wish you all the best out there on the sunny side and to cross paths again soon.

Jerome P

What a brave post! What abrave move! J. - though I never got to meet you at length, what u have started in nyc - along with Jocelyn and Keith - continues to inspire all of us making theatre in nyc. Having lived in LA, I can say that it's a different beast, but there IS a community out there to tap into. Hopefully I'll be there for a short time in the fall and we can meet up and brainstorm about the future of what we do...

August Schulenburg

J, thanks for sharing this. I'm glad you'll still be blogging about theatre, as I've learned a lot from you. As much as it seems to me that NYC theatre still needs all the leadership you've shown, it sounds like you're making the right decision for your creative self. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Joshua James

Feel ya, man... I've had so many short and small productions over the years in nyc, but in the end, it often felt like 0-0, which is why I turned my focus on film and TV, especially after my wife got pregnant... I haven't written a play in quite awhile, and missed it at times (especially in the beginning) but I'm quite simply a lot happier now than I was (and certainly busier)... I for sure wish those who still partake of the nyc theatre scene the very best, but myself, I wanted more than just to do a cool show on a weekend for fifty some people... I wanted to make a living with words...


If New York didn't work for you then it didn't work for you. Keep trying don't give up on your dreams.

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