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July 31, 2012


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It's "Wafle House," not "Wafle Hut." I grew up a few blocks away from the Birchmere, the club in question. (Not a "bluegrass" club -- all kinds of music is played there.)

The Nields were very good, back in the day. Now they just make me sad.


loved this.


Thanks for sharing this D-Fort. For me: the year was 1995, the car was headed to a coffee shop on the South Side, the band was Bush, and the running was swimming. Never went to that cafe, saw a Bush concert, or swam competitively again.

The promise of starting a new pattern is intoxicating, even more so I think than actually following through with a second (or two-hundredth) iteration. Maybe part of growing up is learning to doubt that those patterns will hold...

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