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August 16, 2012


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Jon Pennington

Every time I hear about Dunham, I'm like, "Damn, that dude with the racist puppets has more enlightened views on gender than I would have expected."

Sam Thielman

Bravo, Isaac. I really loved Tiny Furniture and also think Girls gets a bad rap, and this is a really impressive breakdown of both. And you're dead-on right about Beasts being the new Winter's Bone. It's more life's-rich-pageant than Hitchcock-on-meth, but it's well worth seeing (it's also authentically created in the part of the country it's about).

Simon Crowe

Great post, and one I'm in much agreement. I would say that I thought the men in TF were pretty dull and for the the first few eps of Girls I had the same feeling (but then...). I enjoyed Girls but it is not perfect; while I liked Zosia Mamet's performance it is clear that Dunham doesn't have the first idea what do with this character. I believe there are two entire episodes in which Shoshanna deosn't appear and one in which she only has one wordless scene. I lok forward to season 2 with interest. By the way, I would like to know what you think of Beasts. I admired it but I think I prefer the less ambitious Winter's Bone.

outstanding reproduction modern furniture

I've watched this and I was really surprised with the title. But the director knows what he was doing. I thought I've be seeing ghost chairs, egg chairs and the like. lol

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