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September 28, 2012


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Good points. But by the fact that he was urging a vote for Gary Johnson made your response easier, since you wouldn't vote Johnson over Obama even if Johnson were a viable candidate. What if you imagine the same argument but we sub in a different third-party can't-win candidate, like Jill Stein, who (I suspect) is probably more ideologically in line with you than Obama is. That would directly call the question of the perfect vs. the good. Same answer?


Again, I have no problem with protest votes, or voting your conscience. Jill Stein has a lot going for her. I don't see this as a matter of the perfect vs. the good. It's a question of why do you vote. Do you vote to register your opinion on an issue? Or do you find the candidate that best fits your worldview and vote for them, even if you don't see completely eye-to-eye on every issue?

My issue here is largely how Friederdorf framed the argument, not the argument itself. If you want to make the argument that Gary Johnson (or Jill Stein) would be a better president, go ahead and make that argument. If you want to make the argument that Obama's failures on key issues has lost your vote, go ahead and make that argument. But don't tell me that you're morally obligated to cast a vote for someone with some serious moral blindspots and anyone who doesn't cast that same vote is failing some kind of moral test.


We know what happens when we don’t educate or discipline our children about their bad behavior. They take it with them throughout life.

So now the Democrats telling us to reward Obama for his bad behavior such as killing innocents by drones, being the sole determiner of who is to die on any given day, deporting more immigrants than Bush and not only deporting but also jailing them in private jails where they are abused and separated from their families. Democrats are rewarding Obama for the surge in Afghanistan where more of our troops and innocents were killed. Democrats are saying it’s Ok to take away our constitutional rights to a fair trial (without due process of law)- just disappeared. The litany goes on and on and daily Obama formulates some new egregious policy. The Democrats have the chutzpah to insult our constitutional right to determine our leaders by telling us not to vote for a third party. I always suspected we were in a fascist state and now the Democrats have confirmed it.

By the way the Democratic establishment had ample time to standup to Obama about his abhorrent policies and did nothing. So voting him in again will not change his policy one iota and only encourage him to continue on the path leading us closer to what the Democrats now fear from the Republican Party.

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