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November 19, 2012


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This has been something that a lot of people in Indy theater repeat as a mantra - if you're gonna fail, you may as well fail with pride. Do what you think is *right* and *good* and then when nobody shows up, you'll at least know that your motivation was something *other* than "tricking people to show up." I always file this under "smell how you like", but that's because I'm old and Digital Underground seems relevant.


I thought Rohan's point about how many other currently living playwrights there are that are certainly deserving of a festival was a welcome reminder that there ARE PLAYWRIGHTS DESERVING OF SUCH A CELEBRATION...and then I remembered that none of them are personal friends of Dowling's and therefore probably wouldn't "merit" such an event...and then I quietly wept.

Jack Worthing

Sarah Ruhl and Tarell Alvin-McCraney deserving a season of their work? Really? When Hampton's plays have held up for 40 years and are sorely under-appreciated in this country? I see...

Jack Worthing

To be clear I'm referring to a point made in the newspaper article.

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