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December 28, 2012


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Karl Miller

I don't think mental health reform is "other stuff that can wait." It should be the way we bring the right to the table, by putting both gun control and mental health reform hand-in-hand. Both are long overdue and both had a hand in Newtown. Surely 9/11 was about more than crummy airport security, right?


You think that expanding the federal role in regulating and funding for something is going to bring the right to the table?

Karl Miller

I think the combo could, yes -- gun rights and threats to public security don't cut along the same ideological lines as the budget and deficit stuff does. The NRA owns all of Congress, not just the R's. I think the only way to temper that influence is with some misdirection of our own. And beyond all that, our side should realize that guns are not the lone, keystone cause here. It's at least equal parts sloppy gun laws and dreadful mental health care.

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