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March 03, 2013


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It's an epidemic. It's not just theater criticism, either; reviews of American fiction are written with the same condescending tone and desperation to minimize any American writer's gifts or claim them as secretly British or only truly understood by the British (see also every Sondheim review in history, especially anything to do with John Doyle). Since turnabout is fair play, I'm just going to annoyingly psychoanalyze right back for a moment here and suggest that this is how the British deal with not being the dominant political force in the world anymore.

David Barbour

That's some kind of world record for errors; thanks for cleaning out the stable. The most annoying of them is the self-serving notion that, in the case of Enron, we Americans couldn't take our medicine. The truth is the documentary film Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room was critically acclaimed and did very good business for a film of its type. If anything, seeing Enron the play was to see a rehash of a story audiences knew all too well, with the addition of bizarre devices like blind mice.

Jack Worthing

'...each one goes towards reinforcing this idea that American Theatre is a fundamentally conservative beast where timid audiences (And artistic directors) dont' want to program work that talks about the hard truths, unlike their brave, stalwart contemporaries across the pond.'

Like Katori Hall I've worked in both places and found this to be largely true.

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