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May 29, 2013


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Sean Michael Robinson

Hey Isaac,

Thanks for this thoughtful piece of writing.

I think one of the other issues at work here is just the human face of criticism. This is especially prevalent in comics, where the field is so small, but it was a strange feeling for me the day I realized that, hey, that guy in that band that I just savaged for 300 words after back-handedly praising for 700 probably read my stupid article, or at the very least one of his friends probably emailed it to him, or he gritted his teeth through a conversation with his mother while she complained about it. And, sheesh, seriously, sheesh. It was a strange moment to apply some of the anxiety I feel about criticism directed towards the art I make towards my criticism about someone else's art.

And, you know, the ever-shorter news cycle, and the unlimited amount of space to accommodate everyone's bitching, really does widen the field for all kinds of off-the-cuff thoughts.

Anyway, found myself nodding along with this in multiple places. Thanks for the thoughts!

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