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October 29, 2013


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A sports post here? how unexpected. Not sure why HP even has a sports section, but way to go. Espn.com has similarly reasoned posts, but not as well written. I was hoping you'd take an approach that might better appeal to the owners and their supporters: money.

e.g. If they change their name then every item owned by a fan would become a collectors item, and sure to be worth more than what they paid for it. And every store would start stocking new branded items, and the pay-off could amount to an economic stimulus. Other marketing pluses would be inevitable.

Such a change would surely only happen during the off season, and would have been easier when the Texans, Ravens, and Titans changes were made, but their is much to be gained by the franchise, not just morally, but financially. I think that's how you convince those owner folks.

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