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October 31, 2013


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Karl Miller

Dude, where in the article does it say "crisis in the humanities"? I don't see the word crisis anywhere.

In any case, I'm not sure how much you can glean from (1) national majors rates and (2) anecdotes from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton ... and Edinboro. If the interest is there, clearly it's being exercised somewhere outside the Ivy League.

Remember that classic Kushner rant about how all BFAs should be abolished? I still think he's onto something there. That would reduce the number of humanities majors at the undergrad level, but would boost the humanities overall by returning to a more comprehensive liberal arts model.

Also wonder if it's easier to get a humanities education for free these days. If a rich syllabus and rigorous written conversation is what you need to be a person of letters, well ...

Karl Miller

Oh, and it's nice they grab a couple quotes from folks at UVA and Bard, but nobody from Yale, Columbia or Brown? I wager those three are the most humanities-centered of the Ivies ...

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