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December 18, 2013


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Sam Thielman

Good picks. Mine, although the one was canceled this year:
"Dial H," China Mieville's bizarro-world take on the DC Universe. Totally fun, magically weird, and absorbing and easy to get into in a universe of bullshit crossovers.
"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's insane pastiche of ALL LITERATURE EVER. This year's Lovecraft stew was fantastic; next year's World War II adventure promises to be just as good if not better.
"Love & Rockets" by Los Bros Hernandez continues to be awesome.


I really can't stand the LEAGUE after they move into the 20th century. I see a lot of Moore's bad habits (if you don't get the Brecht references in the Pirate Jenny one, really, what's the point? also, you know, raping all the time) and intellectual property law has pushed him into having to deal with some more obscure less rewarding subject matters.

Sam Thielman

Different strokes, I suppose. IMHO you can't beat the art, whatever you think of the story, and I really have grown deeply attached to the characters over the years.


The art IS incredible.

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