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June 25, 2014


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Trisha Mead

Yes. Everything about this is spot on. Thank you. Excellent.


The issue remains the same: not that an argument or effort at "inclusion" or "diversity" exists in the theater -- that's been there when there were minstrels, frankly -- but who decides. "Women" and "feminist" and "Artistic Director" are code words in American theater for "white, white white" and most artists of color are sick enough to kick that hyper-liberal progressive leaning white gatekeeper in the face.

Pete C

A barrage of lists is imminent: The Gayroys, The Blackroys, The Asianroys, The Latinaroys, The Transroys...and on and on and on. Every single disenfranchised minority subculture whatever gets a crack at a list now.

Joy Meads

Pete C: Bring em on. We have a problem in this field with programming as though white men are the default, and every other demographic is an optional addition. Theaters reflecting their communities should be the default assumption. Programming a season with gender parity and diversity isn't something you should get a gold star for: it's actually the job. (If you think this is a debatable point, look at the mission statements to which those leaders are accountable. Almost every one mentions diversity in some form.)

If we need a "Gayroys" list to achieve that end, then do it. (I'm pretty sure that's not what it would be called, but I'd be honored.) I can't see a real downside to bringing attention to all the plays that go unseen because our industry's bias towards the work of hetero-normative white guys.

Maybe I don't need to say this, but it bears reminding. The focus on the work of white men throughout theater history was not the result of pure meritocracy. I'm not sure why people seem to believe that ending that historic bias would be opposed in any way to our shared value of artistic quality.

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