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October 08, 2014


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Dan Scherer

Just got around to reading this piece. Besides appreciating the clear thinking and clear writing that went into it, I also enjoyed learned a new word (or, at least, new to me): Fauxhemian. I love this word.

J.S. Bridges

Many thanks for what seems like a very deeply-considered and is clearly a well-written evocation of what I would personally see as a useful part of that "racial conversation" so many - at least now and then - call for in this sometimes-favored Nation of ours.

Always pleasantly surprising - and encouraging - to me, when I find someone who, while their life-experiences differ widely from my own in many ways, appears to have paralleled my own developments of viewpoints in contemplation of The Wonder Of Life, and its possible meanings and eventual outcomes...

Be well - and keep writing. The world needs more of both.

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