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December 10, 2014


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Francisco Frazão

We are indeed complicit, and there are moments when we just feel it more. Thanks for expressing that, although I'm not sure you're fully behind your own conclusions. By the way, don't you mean the dadaists? The futurists were pretty much pre-war.


Have you read DFW's Best American Essays of 2007 intro? And the essays in the volume he was the "decider" for - it all stands as his stab at acknowledging his complicity and taking some sort of action. Maybe because he was aware of exactly how relevant those compilations are - he had the freedom to write an essay under the premise that no one will read it anyway. It's brilliant and glorious. Strangely, that compilation of essays and his intro have helped me feel less lonely, perhaps more than anything else he wrote. It serves as a beacon of sorts (at least for me as I plod away writing and working with this gruesome material).

Dixon Butler

On 9/11 I was in charge of my work place nestled between the White House and the State Department. With no direction from above, and many alarming reports about the situation around us, I gave everyone the choice to stay or leave, but I told everyone to be in the next day to continue our work. That work combined environmental good, improved education, and partnerships across 100 countries on 6 continents. My thought was that one clearly must never let evil undermine ones efforts for good, for love, for life. The murderous use of force by US police, the evil of terrorists, the abuse of power and humanity by governments including my own must never stop our efforts to build understanding and communities where we are all comfortable with one another and free from fear, where officials and soldiers don't loose their moral compass while combating evil, and where hope inspire us to take the chances and invest ourselves in all the things that improve life and society.

Francisco Frazão

(as you meant the dadaists, I meant pro-war...)

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